Why Link Aggregation will not increase the performance of vMotion

This post is aimed to provide the reason why we should use multi-nic vmotion over vMotion with Active-Active Link aggregation configuration .

vMotion with Active-Active Link aggregation will not use both the physical NICs for vMotion. It uses only one .

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VMWare VCAC : How to increase the number of concurrent clones?

By default, the number of concurrent clones is 2.

This can be increased by changing the configuration setting in  ManagerService.exe.config file in IaaS Machine

Which Machine: IaaS Machine

Folder: %SystemDrive%\Program Files x86\VMware\vCAC\Server

File: ManagerService.exe.config

Section: workflowTimeoutConfigurationSection

Parameter : MaxOutstandingResourceIntensive WorkItems

When Custom properties are defined both at Business Group and Blueprint, which one will be taken?

Business group will have higher preference than  Blueprint.

The order of preference

Highest – Business Group

Lowest -Compute Resource

The order of preference as below

1- Business Group

2-Blueprint – tagged via “build profile”

3-Blueprint – tagged via “Custom property”

4- End point


6-Compute Resource


Login to VCAC VAMI console failed.

root user account password is valid for 1 year and it has to be changed after an year.

To avoid this increase the password validity  to some 999999 days

chage –M 99999 root


Can we change Favicon in VCAC ? ( icon – image show in browser tabs)

Yes we can change.

We need to change favicon.png in VCAC appliance

Path is /usr/lib/vcac/server/webapps/vcac.

Will it work even after upgrade? No

we may have to replace again after upgrade

How to change in High Available setup? Change in all the appliances

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